Swirlie Kit - Hazel 'Nut' Orange Edition

Swirlie Kit - Hazel 'Nut' Orange Edition


Introducing the Swirlie Hazel 'Nut' edition!!!

Click Here!!! --> Flight Video and Building Instructions!!

A 64mm brush-less micro quad that is a real performer!!!  A very unique 1.5mm thick carbon frame that has that 'ninja star blade' look to it :) Prop to prop, it's the same size as an inductrix® , but overall a bit bigger with the prop guards. Uses the 1103 brush-less motors at 10,000kv for real performance! We have been testing this little squirrel for over a month now and it has really outperformed anything that we were initialing expecting!! The nylon prop guard are removable if you want to drop some weight and really run!!!. Runs 40mm props and uses the Emax Femto FC which is BetaFlight programmable!  The kit is VERY complete includes the following!!

What's included in the kit:

1. 1.5mm carbon plate frame

2. Nylon Prop guard 3.6g... (limited quantity 2.5g carbon prop guards are available as an option )

3. TPU Femto mount (orange)

4. TPU Battery pad (orange)

5. ABS 4 in 1 ESC spacer (orange)

6. ABS Prop guard strut sets (orange)

7. Addition set of Prop guard struts in black Nylon

8. TPU VM275T vtx mount (orange)

9. M3 x6mm screw nylon x 13

10. M2.5 x 25mm screw nylon x 4

11. M2.5 nut nylon x 4

12. M3 nut nylon x 5

13. M3 x 10 pillow standoff nylon (tapped on both ends) x 2

14. 1.45mm Drill Bit (YES!!!! INCLUDED, if you want to try new props that need to be drilled!!!)

15. JST female power connector

16. Printed Femto wiring diagram with included links to all the sites needed for software and assembly

17. 'Reduced Price' prop cutter option available!

Yup... A pretty complete kit!!!

So Watch out!!!! "Squirrel MAY Attack Exposed Nuts!"